DAMUS is an acronym which stands for Diamond turning , A (boring machine),
M U S (special machine tools).
From the beginning (dating February 1983) the brand states the specific sector of the machine tools choosen as core business for the company.
For diamond turning machines, as used in workshop slang term ,we refer to precision lathes using diamond tool (PCD) to perform with strict tolerances cylindrical figures and complex forms, as pistons skirts, helicoidal screws, etc.
For boring machines we refer to precision fine boring machines which make finish operations on diameters with micrometric tolerances , as piston pin hole, small and big eyes of con rods, chamber diameters of cylinder liners , etc.
For special machines we refer to special purpose or “ taylor made” machines which are codesigned and technically defined by customer, but always related to our experienced capacity in piston/con rod technology and processes.
During our development in the years, we designed and built several equipments or devices dedicated to the precision operations required by our machines. Some are patented and the outstanding examples are:
- automatic compensation device ( DPU/1000 ) for controlled piloting of the tool bar with 0,5 micron precision
- oscillation device ( DHE/2350 ) for non round and complex turning
- recessing device ( GRH/1500 ) hydraulically or CNC driven for eccentric operations ( circlip grooving, facing, chamfering, etc)
Authors of these excellence machines were Franco Mighetto, Lorenzo Boetto, Gerardo Bolognese, Paolo Pizzutto, Vito Sangermano, Romano Scopani, Mohamed El Achak, Luciano Cattelan, Giuliano Rossi and many other precious partners and genuine professionals.

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